d.gry works with its clients and other actors in renewable energies to promote innovative solutions


d.gry investigates solutions that keep your critical production lines running through power blackouts and enable you to avoid punitive charges from peak demand tariffs.


d.gry studies many sectors and technologies (renewable energies, energy storage, decentralized energy access) to provide support to its investor clients

energy efficiency

optimise your energy bill and energy consumption. set up and follow your energy savings work. train your team.

engineering companies

d.gry advises and provides support to its clients to help them identify the most relevant strategies and technologies.

Our Team

Gregory Julienne-Chenevot

We are passionate about sustainable development and energy access.

Mechanical and Energetic Engineer, he studied in Valenciennes, at the National School of Engineering in Computer Science, Automation, Mechanics, Energy and Electronics (ENSIAME). In 2007, he joined Altran GmbH & Co. KG as an Analyst Engineer. He quickly gains the position of Project Manager and leads an onshore (in Germany) and an offshore (India) team and participates in transnational coordination (with the parent company based in France). In 2014, he has been, for a few months, the Continuous Improvement Manager for all industries of the German entity (Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, etc …). Since 2014, he is back to Martinique and was first the CTO and a partner in Green Technologie. He is now an independent consultant and chairman of D.Gry Consulting, specializing in energy transition.

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